Black and white photo of a boy in in a dark room looking through a hole.

Thank you for stopping by.

Maybe you were reading the local newspaper 3 years ago when we launched our first community library—or watching the news when you saw our partnership with Youth for Better Baseco.

Or perhaps you were waiting for your turn in your favorite local barbershop and borrowed books from "Aklatan sa Barberya." Still no?

We'll assume that you're one of the thousands who donated to one of our projects before. Remember when you gave your preloved toys because you wanted more kids to rediscover the magic of playing or to have a companion? Or that favorite book you kept for a long time, that little story that wrapped its arms around your childhood?

Does your Elyu trip hit differently now that you remember you helped us crowdfund that small library initiative for the fisherfolk community up north? And guess what, it all happened online!

By the way, we're not just an events production company, as some people call us. But yes, we have tried mounting different child-focused events and inviting drag performers, actors, singers, and dancers. We believe that art is a powerful tool to move people and to cultivate a culture that nurtures and celebrates diversity and inclusion.

Yes, we're that small youth group in Manila that paints murals with the message, "Lahat ng bata may pangarap" (Every child has a dream). We know that it's not yet true, but that's the goal. Is it a bit ambitious? Perhaps. Is there a lot of idealism? Absolutely. But of course, we can't do that alone. That's why your contribution is valuable too. Together, we can make a difference.